Philosophie Coconut Pineapple Sports Drink

I've teamed up with @philosophielove and made this SUPER YUMMY & HEALTHY Coco Pineapple Sports Drink. Get the recipe in the comments below and use promo code Monette10 on your next purchase at to get a discount!!



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Whey Protein Hot Chocolate

Oh man was this good! I was having some serious chocolate cravings today so I decided to throw together something magical. Hot chocolate is a winter staple- so why not try to make it a bit healthier so you can enjoy it all the time without the guilt? This Whey Protein Hot Chocolate is smooth, velvety and perfectly chocolate-y. AND it's good for you! Woohoo!

I threw in some whey protein (Cellucor, of course!) and oh my goodness, it is so good. Notice how I made this on the stovetop. I found that when you mix whey protein in a drink in the microwave, it either: a. does not mix well enough, leaving clumps OR b. overheats too quickly and the whey protein curdles. Not good. SO!! This is the way to go. If you want to serve it to a few friends, double or triple the recipe. 


1+1/2 Cup vanilla almond milk (or any other type of liquid you prefer, such as regular milk)

1 scoop chocolate protein powder (I used Cellucor)

2 Tablespoons cocoa powder

1 packet of stevia or any sweetener you prefer

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Toppings- such as marshmallows, cinnamon or whipped cream


1. In a medium pot, heat all of the ingredients together on the stove WHISKING CONSTANTLY! until small bubbles appear at the edges of the pot. Remove from heat- careful it does not come to a full boil.

2. Pour into a large mug and top with any toppings of your choice. Drink away without the guilt!

Chocolate Sweet Potato Protein Shake

Hey peeps! I've put together the perfect post-workout snack. It tastes like a Wendy's chocolate shake. Give it a try! 




1 small sweet potato/about 1 Cup (baked/microwaved, frozen and cut into small chunks)

1 serving chocolate protein powder  (I used 2 Tbsp Cacao Magic by Philosophie)

1+2/3 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk (i prefer Trader Joes brand) 

1 Tbsp cocoa powder(optional)

a couple ice cubes  



1. Add all ingredients into a blender or a nutribullet and blend until smooth. Enjoy!!